• Assistance in Schematic and Design Development Phases

    Development of building requirements and pathways

    Telecommunications closets and spaces, vertical and horizontal distribution systems

    Inside and outside cable plant planning and design

  • Preparation of Construction Drawings and Specifications for:

    Patient Monitoring and Clinical Information Systems

    - Patient Headwalls, Surgical and Power Columns

    - Communication Systems:
       Nurse Call
       Room Status
       Audiovisual/Multimedia Presentation
       Code Blue
       Music Distribution
       Overhead Paging
       CCTV (Patient Observation)
       Radio Page (Local & Wide-Area)

    -  Silent Page and Display Board Systems

    - Master Clock Systems

    - Time and Attendance Systems

    - Telecommunications (Voice, Data and Video Infrastructure)

    - Wireless Networks (Public Wi-Fi and Private Licensed Band Systems)

    - PBX and Wireless Telephones

    - Two-way Radio and Emergency Medical

    - Central Alarm Annunciation Systems (Blood Bank, Code Blue, Emergency Power, Elevator Status, Duress Alarm, etc.)

    - Security Systems (Intrusion Alarm, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Infant Abduction, Patient Wandering and Equipment Tracking)

    - Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging Systems (including PACS, Teleradiology)

    - Emergency Operations Centers (Communication Systems Integration, Command Center Consoles and Video-Wall Displays)

    - Drug Dispensing/distribution Systems

  • Specialized Services for New Construction or Renovation of:
    - Critical/Coronary Care - Perinatal Services
    - Emergency Room - Med/Surg
    - Diagnostic Imaging - Surgery/Recovery
    - Computer Services - Telemetry
    - Clinical Laboratory - Outpatient Services
    - Nuclear Medicine - PBX/Command Center